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REVIEW: Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

Dare to Love: 1 - Carly Phillips

In Dare to Love by Carly Phillips, Ian Dare is a man who lets his head, not his heart, rule his life. He may seem controlling to some–well, everyone–but he loves his family with his entire being and will stop at nothing to protect them. Ian decides to live life his own way, not full of lies like his father did, even if that means he never puts his heart out there for a woman. But then he spots curvy Riley Taylor on the arm of his half-brother Alex and he knows he’s in trouble.


‘Something about this woman called to his deepest protective instincts. For all her bravado and independence, there was an innocence inside her that provided a counterbalance to his more jaded personality.’


Riley Taylor promised herself she would steer clear of pushy, controlling men after what she dealt with growing up. Why, then, when she meets Ian Dare, half-brother of her best friend Alex, does she find herself falling for his dominance? Especially in the bedroom. He breaks nearly every boundary Riley has set for herself yet somehow she finds herself changing for Ian and, more surprisingly, craving the bond growing between them. Read More