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REVIEW: Theirs to Keep by Maya Banks

Theirs to Keep  - Maya Banks

In Theirs to Keep (Tangled Hearts Trilogy #1) by Maya Banks, Elle can’t remember who she’s running from or even who she is, but she knows she needs to lay low. Merrick Sullivan and Cade Winslow rescue her when she’s found hiding in their client’s building. Their size and appearance frighten her at first, but even though they look big and badass, Elle can sense they won’t hurt her. Before long, she finds herself falling for them. Both of them. Which further confuses her, as she no longer wants to deal with her past. Elle only wants to create a new future with Cade and Merrick by her side.


‘He could lock his emotions away until they were encased in stone. But this slip of a woman unraveled him as no other person had ever even come close to.’


Cade Winslow has been focused on his security business and getting Merrick to the top of the MMA world. Read More