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Snowbound with the CEO - Shannon Stacey

Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey: From the moment Rachel Carter joined Blackstone Historical Renovations over five years ago, she new her professional life was going places. She worked her way up from the mail-room, determined to make a success of herself. For a little over a year now, she has been the CEO’s executive assistant, thriving on the accountability and responsibility that her position provides. Working very closely with her boss everyday is an added bonus, since she secretly lusts after him. The only thing missing from her life is love.


Adrian Blackstone built his business from the ground up. As a result of his sound work ethic and perseverance, his renovation company is flourishing and is worth millions. Adrian realizes that Rachel’s business acumen is a big part of his success, and he could not run his business without her. However, Adrian wants more from Rachel than just her business expertise, he wants her in his bed. Read More