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REVIEW: Wait for You by J. Lynn

Wait for You  - J. Lynn

In Wait for You by J. Lynn, Avery Morgansten is a college freshman, ready to start her life over in a new state, with new friends. She’s going to put her past behind her and forget about the event that changed her in so many ways. Day one of classes starts off with a bang when she runs headlong into Cameron Hamilton. All six foot three inches of him. Avery knows she’s out of practice flirting with handsome guys, but Cam teases and banters with ease, so with every encounter she finds him more intriguing.


Paired together on Astrology assignments, they realize they have a lot in common and soon they become good friends, hanging out together every chance they get. Cam of course is hoping to talk Avery into a date, but she isn’t completely comfortable with the idea. When emails and texts begin to threaten her, she realizes her past is coming back to haunt her and if she doesn’t deal with it soon, Cam may find out what happened to her five years ago. She doesn’t want to ruin the fragile bond they’ve built so far but she knows in order to move forward in their relationship, she’s going to have to relive the most terrifying event she’s ever been through. Read More