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REVIEW: Executive Seduction by Jennifer Probst

Executive Seduction - Jennifer Probst

In Executive Seduction by Jennifer Probst (previously published as Heart of Steel), Chandler Santell's beloved Yoga and Arts Center is in the midst of a financial crisis. While her client base continues to expand, her bills continue to increase exponentially. So in order to keep her studio in the black, she has to seek funding from alternative sources. After being turned down many times,Chandler is shocked when business tycoon and CEO of L&G Brokerage, Logan Grant, listens to her business proposal and agrees to help her, as long as she takes on all of the risks and guarantees him a profit. Chandler can lose everything, but she is desperate and truly believes that her yoga program will help Logan's workforce manage stress, which will inevitably result in an increase to his bottom line.

There is an instant chemistry between Chandler and Logan, which is unexpected because Chandler has sworn off men with any ties to a corporate environment. Her father, a wealthy and ruthless businessman, exposed her to the corrupt, corporate world at a very young age, and due to his controlling nature in addition to his compulsive need to marry her off for the good of his company, causes her to escape into the peaceful and serene world of yoga. Surprisingly, Chandler finds Logan's alpha male personality a turn on, while Chandler's beauty and independent spirit is impossible for Logan to resist.


Logan is a master of seduction and Chandler is a formidable prey. Chandler is slowly breaking down Logan's barriers while Logan is learning that true love does exist. Logan's "heart of steel" reputation is well deserved, but when it comes to Chandler, he shows a loving and sensitive side of himself. Rapture and ecstasy sizzles between them while undisclosed secrets and a two-faced colleague endanger their blossoming relationship.


Luckily, they are able to work through and overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from trusting each other. Wow, what an amazing romance novel. Executive Seduction is a spectacular, well-written book with a genuine love story that took hold of my heart and soul from the very first chapter. Because all of the characters are defined so intimately, you can truly experience their emotions; regardless of whether they are joy, love, sadness or bitterness. The sex scenes are so hot they left me panting and Logan's alpha male persona is a real turn on if you enjoy that kind of passion. I immediately made a connection to the characters and was routing for Chandler and Logan to stay together throughout the book's entirety.


This book is a must read for anyone that enjoys an engaging love story.