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Sydney Harbor Hospital: Lily's Scandal

Lily's Scandal - Marion Lennox This is the first book in an eight book series called Sydney Harbor Hospital, this is Lily and Luke’ story. Lily has recently moved to Sydney on the heels of a scandal involving her mother in her hometown. Lily has decided to lie low at her new job but on her very first day on the job she is caught in a compromising position with brooding plastic surgeon Luke Williams in the on call room. Luke is a widow and battling demons from his past relationship, to stop the rumor mill going and to protect Lily’s reputation he lets on that he and Lily have been having a long term relationship. We are also introduced to Theo, Finn and Evie's characters in this book. This is a sweet tender romance, just what you expect from Marion Lennox. To see my other reviews in this series: http://harlequinjunkie.blogspot.com/ Sydney Harbor Hospital Series:1. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Lily’s Scandal by Marion Lennox2. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Zoe’s Baby by Alison Roberts3. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Luca’s Bad Girl by Amy Andrews 4. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Tom’s Redemption by Fiona Lowe5. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Lexi’s Secret by Melanie Milburne6. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Bella’s Wishlist by Emily Forbes7. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Marco’s Temptation by Fiona McArthur8. Sydney Harbor Hospital: Ava’s Reawakening by Carol MarinelliFinn Kennedy SHH legendary heart surgeon and Evie Lockheart’s story is told through these 8 books.