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His Housekeeper Bride (Harlequin Romance #4128)

His Housekeeper Bride - Melissa James My Reviews: http://harlequinjunkie.blogspot.comWhat a beautiful story about two teenagers Sylvie Browning and Mark Hannaford who meet at a hospice, develop a friendship and help support each other through a very difficult period in their lives. Fifteen years later they reconnect when Sylvie applies for a job as Mark's housekeeper. This was a sweet tender romance, the author took me on emotional journey of Mark and Sylvie finding each other again, renewing their friendship, helping each other get over their past demons and falling in love. I almost didn't buy this book and that would have been a major miss. If you are looking for a feel good romance to unwind with I definitely suggest reading this one.This was my first Melissa James book and I will definitely look for more books from this author.