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The Man She Loves To Hate

The Man She Loves To Hate - Kelly Hunter My Reviews: http://harlequinjunkie.blogspot.com/ LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! The Man She Loves to Hate is among my top 10 releases of 2011! The romance between Jolie and Cole though complex was completely believable and well written. This book had it all drama, conflict, passion and a great romance.The characters in this book were well rounded, I liked that the author gave Jolie an unusual profession that also provided her a creative outlet when she needed one. Cole is just gorgeous without being overbearing, he was not afraid to show his feelings and he was willing to risk it all in the name of love.I liked the way the synopsis of the book was done - Unique.I would give this book more than fire stars if I could, I highly recommend reading this book. It was engaging from start to finish.