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Ride with Me

Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox An absolute delight! Ride With Me is a truly refreshing read ….A story about two people who meet to partner up and ride their bikes coast to coast along the TransAmerica bikeTrail.Tom is a surly laid-back loner, a total recluse in contrast Alex is a control freak who loves to talk…. you can tell this trip is going to be such fun!So what did I like about “Ride With Me”? Well EVERYTHING! The writing is sharp, funny and witty; the sex is hotter than hot and the story is reel me in engaging. My one gripe is that the ending felt a little rushed, or maybe it is a case of me loving the book so much that I couldn’t get enough of Tom and Alex and wanted more…Maybe Ruthie has plans to write part 2 of this trip..... One can hope!Ruthie Knox is now a new addition to my list of must read authors; I would definitely recommend reading this book.HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews