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Sydney Harbor Hospital: Luca's Bad Girl

Luca's Bad Girl - Amy Andrews My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsLuca and Mia, two more tortured and damaged souls you won't find, but boy are they ever made for each other….too bad they don't know it as yet :)This story is beautifully written and the characters well drawn out, no surprise there considering it is written by the brilliant Amy Andrews.Yes there is lot of hot, steamy wham bam thank you ma'am sex in this book, but I think it worked well with the premise of this story to project Luca and Mia’s no intimacy, no strings attached, no relationship lifestyle.Amy did a wonderful job in giving us a glimpse into Flinn and Evie's relationship, I can't wait to get my hands on that book. Luca's Bad Girl is not a light, flirty, sexy book, it is so much more than that, this story has a lot of depth and emotion to it, it’s about survival and perseverance and falling in love against all odds even when you have every intention of never risking your heart. A definite read.4.5 stars: I would have liked a little longer epilogue, but I do understand word count restrictions. A teaserMia felt utterly dominated as Luca lounged against the wall, arms crossed. His gaze raked her body lingering on her breasts, her thighs, her boots. Then travelled all the way back up again to rest on her mouth. The seconds ticked by as his eyes locked on her lips. Her tongue darted out to moisten them, a nervous gesture. His nostrils flared. She swallowed. His arms dropped. Her heart skipped a beat. He took a step towards her. She tensed. The lift dinged. He stopped. She breathed again. "Ladies first," he murmured. "Number nineteen."