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Her Kind of Man

Her Kind of Man - Elaine Cantrell Reviews by HarlequinJunkieThis was the first Elaine Cantrell book that I read and I was from the word get go very quickly interested. It tells the tale of Cara , a average woman who is about to embark on the life of her dreams,however life deals her more than one crucial blow that turns her life upside down ,and in steps Ross the sexy hero !I really enjoyed this book,it had a life lesson to teach me that it is not to say the world will turn against you when you |"fall". The characters were well placed and the scenes were very informative. The author had a very unique manner of laying out the facts and bringing it all together for the reader.I particularly loved the character of Ross so funny and tongue tied at times and so sweet and passionate at other times. Cara was also a very interesting character so interesting in fact that I got completely hooked on seeing what she would do next !The balance upheld by the author between the very thin line of dragging the scene out too far and giving the reader just enough to want to continue the read was perfectly upheld.I look forward to the next offering from Elaine Cantrell.