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Planning for Love (Aisle Bound, #1)

Planning for Love (Aisle Bound, #1) - Christi Barth Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews I have never been one for reading books about wedding planners, I am more a bride and groom's road to the altar kind of girl but with this one I was pleasantly surprised and very much delighted. The book was a perfect 10!The book told of Ivy the super organized wedding planner and her sexy as sin one night stand photographer,Ben. Reading about these two tip toeing around each other after their super hot encounter heated up the pages and I could not get enough!The blurb will give you a very good idea what is to come but what follows is more than just your average story of love. The extreme passion and pure emotion that the author packed into this one is simply put superb!Favorite Quote:"I don't know how anyone can stay dry eyed at a wedding." Easy. Know the divorce stats." This book took me behind the scenes of what all goes into planning a wedding. I never actually thought about all the little details that are needed to bring a wedding together for a bride and groom.I adored the glimpse into the world of wedding planning and the unfolding relationship between between Ben and Ivy is explosive! Having never read anything by this author before I can with all honesty say that I will definitely be a returning reader and I am glad to have been introduced to the author's captivating style of writing.