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How the Playboy Got Serious (Harlequin Romance)

How the Playboy Got Serious - Shirley Jump Reviewd by HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews In 'How the Playboy Got Serious' the author takes two very different people and pushes them both into the deep end of life and love.Partying, drinking, woman and going to work when he feels like and most importantly never getting serious is the perfect life of Riley, but what happens when he is left to fend for himself? Stace works hard to earn her keep and build a life for herself,but she never ever has any fun. From the beginning of the book the story seemed intriguing the character of Riley's grandmother was a real lady and a true good old fashioned tough woman from the old world and she sure does know exactly what to do with her playboy grandson.Co -owner of the dinner where this unique love blossoms,Franks was one of those characters that you simply fall in love with just because he is such a kind and kindred soul. The added unique twist of "leadership" that Riley's gives to Stace's nephew made for a very nice touch and definitely touched my heart.Dynamic characters that each unfolded throughout the book into memorable, reliable characters made a definite impact on me. Well written in true Jump form.