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The Devil Served Tortellini

The Devil Served Tortellini - Shirley Jump, Shirley Kawa-Jump Reviewd by HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews Starving ourself for the perfect man....we've probably all done that a time or two over the course of our lives. In this book Maria does just that and why not kill two birds with one stone and impress the size two skirts of a long time rival. But what happens when she meets the one man that accepts and desperately wants her just as she is.. she runs or she tries to!I was hooked from the first chapter. Maria is a character that I just simply wanted to whack with the nearst object to knock sense into her. And Dante is one of those temptations that simply cannot be resisted and needs to be tasted at all costs!I love how the author incorporates various mouth watering recipes into a tale of 'Out there is the one man that will love you for who you are,even if you don't'.Maria's family are absolutely hilarious and had me laughing out loud at their sour n' sweet antics. I love how the author made the book almost personal as if trying to tell the reader home is where the heart is...The Devil Served Tortellini has passion and even a sleazy character or two, which adds to the spice of romance. It is a fun and romantic comedy that left me feeling much like Maria twisted and twined around food for thought. If you have never read the authors books before your in for a real treat -- go grab a copy of The Devil Served Tortellini before the restaurant is fully booked I mean the book stores sell out!