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Colton: Rodeo Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance)

Colton: Rodeo Cowboy - C.J. Carmichael Reviewd: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsIn this the second book of the Harts of Rodeo Series we get to what lies behind the peculiar attitude of Aidan's brother Colt. He is and has never been the dependable type and his family knows it, instead he spends his days competing in as many Rodeo's as he can. He needs the money as one night has lead to a life time of obligations and a secret no one knows about, a secret that he is not sure he will ever be ready to face up to.Enter Leah, a single mother who is working really hard at trying to rebuild her life after a devastating betrayal led to divorce. She is also a really good friend that Colt now sees in a she drives me wild way. But to make things worse the sexy Colt that has her heart soaring and his kisses drive her mad he seems to have a certain aversion to kids and she sees no future for them.This is where the book picked up as we see Colt pushing as hard as he can to get Leah into his life. At the same time we see the effects his secret has on his life and explains why he is the man he is and why he does what he does best. The author picked up the story from book one perfectly and took me deeper into this small and close knit family. Leah's children Jill and Davy are two of the cutest kids you will ever read about and added even more depth to the book for how can a woman love a man who is so "great" with her adorable kids and at the same time seem like he wants nothing to do with them be the man of her dreams.The author very nicely lets the truth surface and also shows how Colton the Rodeo Cowboy becomes Colton the responsible man. Favorite Quote : "Our life could be like that day- one long trail ride together".