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Duke: Deputy Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance)

Duke: Deputy Cowboy - Roz Denny Fox Reviewd: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsThis was book three in of the Harts of Rodeo Series and this one dealt with Dylan aka Duke. The very handsome and straight as narrow "spare time " lawman. When a series of thefts brings him to the stray animal ranch of Angie he falls for her and he falls hard. He recognizes the troublesome time her son Luke is going through and knows how the poor kid feels.He knows just what to do to ease the boy's confusion,and Duke's faithful dog Zorro makes for a nice addition.The only thing standing between him,her and a perfect life together the that this 'protect you against all costs" cowboy is into rodeo. Angie loves animals entirely too much to see them hurt in any way ,so much so that it lead to her being a single mother to young Luke. I felt very heartbroken for Duke,as how does one deal with choosing between the two things in life you love the most?I loved the character of Duke and much like the author of book two Roz Denny Fox beautifully picks up where book two left off. I felt even closer to the family and fell in love with the town 's people just a little bit more. The author peaked my interest with the manner she used to bring us the story of how Duke and Angie manages to both overcome obstacles that kept them from love. Angie was the kind of woman most single mothers strive to be ,strong,independent,will fight for what she believes in. And Duke awwwh Duke is the "come over here and protect me"cowboy that no woman will feel unsafe with ever !Favorite Quote:"Thank you for my bestest day ever"