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One Day to Find a Husband (Harlequin Romance)

One Day to Find a Husband - Shirley Jump Ellie and Finn get married as a purely business arrangement; Ellie gets a husband to help with her adoption proceedings and Finn get a chance to jump-start his failing business. So far so good…I’m really on the fence with this book; there are parts that I like and parts that has me scratching my head saying ‘Seriously’?I think my problem is not the story or the writing but Finn himself and that's a first! For a creative guy who is an architect he is rather somber and dull. I usually like uptight heroes but I just did not warm up to Finn and there in lies my dilemma…. Finn and Ellie spend barely anytime together as a couple, there is no real build up to their romance… this book was missing the “Spark and sizzle” I normally associate with Shirley’s books and Finn is to blame!3.5 StarsMy Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews