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Santina's Scandalous Princess (Harlequin Presents Series #3072)

Santina's Scandalous Princess - Kate Hewitt Breaking News: Pampered Princess Tamed? Think not!Natalia’s notoriety is fodder for the tabloids who love a good scandal and she is more than happy to provide the gossip and rumors with her many antics. Having lived through a Scandal growing up, Ben abhors any kind off scandal and tries to keep himself out of the press…..a more perfect pair you wont find – a match made in romance heaven!Princess Natalia reputation precedes her so when she meets Ben Johnson at her brother’s engagement party sparks fly and the gloves come off, these two can sure turn dishing dirt on each other into an artform.When Natalia is forced to volunteer at Ben’s Charity she is livid but never one to turn down a challenge she take it in her stride and marches on. Ben and Natalia hate each other’s guts but can’t ignore the simmering attraction between them either. As Ben spends more time with Natalia and gets to know the woman behind the façade he realizes her attention grabbing persona is really a front to her hidden insecurities. Ben is exactly what Natalia wants and needs; question is “Is Ben ready to fight for her?”Santina's Scandalous Princess is a well written entertaining read; you will love Natalia and all snarky comebacks…this book is a great addition to the Santina Crown series. My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews