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A Cowboy's Duty (Harlequin American Romance Series #1414)

A Cowboy's Duty - Marin Thomas When Dixie and Gavin’s one night of passion results in a pregnancy it sure throws their well ordered life into a tailspin.Ex-soldier Gavin is dealing with PTSD and is happy to loose himself touring the Rodeo circuit; he is a rolling stone not looking for either a relationship or commitment, a baby on the way sure changes things. Dixie is a little spitfire who is fiercely independent and is not interested in being a responsibility to anyone.Clearly Dixie and Gavin have a tough road to negotiate to reach their HEA; I really like how this couple works through their issues and put their baby’s wants and need before their own. Dixie lives on her family Pecan farm with her six older brothers. The Cash family dynamics is very well written, all the teasing, the ribbing between the siblings is fun to read, but their protectiveness and love for Dixie will warm your heart. A Cowboy’s Duty is a nice easy read, with down to earth characters; a story about family and love and sticking by each other through thick and thin no matter what hand life deals you. My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews