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Florentine's Hero (Sisters of McDougal Ranch, #4)

Florentine's Hero (Sisters of McDougal Ranch, #4) - Debra Kayn My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsRodeo Rebel is an absolute joy to read, you will laugh and cry and cheer Florentine on as she takes on the ride of her life – 8 seconds to glory and making dreams come true.This is a story of a female bull rider Florentine McDougal fighting for a spot at the top in a totally male dominated world of Bull Riding.Cole Reardon acquired Turner Grain Corporation and along with it the sponsorship of a female bull rider, he does not condone risky thrill seeking behavior and wants out of the contract, much to his dismay Florentine is not going to be talked out of her iron clad contract and so the dance begins. Cole is one sexy cowboy and single dad, try as he may he can’t seems to keep away from Florentine; there’s lot’sa chemistry between these two and their witty banter is a treat to read.I think Florentine is my favorite heroine by far; She is sassy and feisty with a tough exterior and a total mush interior. Her wise cracks are goanna have you laughing; you are going to love her spirit and determination to achieve her goals and succeed in the face of adversity. I also love the dynamics between the five McDougal sisters and their love and solidarity for each other.This is my first book by Debra Kayn and I have to say it is awesome. Rodeo Rebel is a terrific read, a story that will keep you engaged and cheering for Florentine to the end. Highly recommended.