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Savas's Wildcat (Harlequin Presents Extra Series #193)

Savas's Wildcat - Anne McAllister My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsSavas’s Wildcat is a delightful read set in southern CaliforniaYiannis Savas gets roped into caring for baby Harry when his 85 yr. old tenant Maggy falls and breaks her hip; Cat MacLean Yiannis ex-flame and Maggy’s granddaughter rushes back to into town to aid and care for her injured grandmother. Cat lives in San Francisco and is engaged to a dependable guy who wants the same things in life she does. When Cat learns she has to share care of her nephew with Yiannis she is not happy, Yiannis broke her heart a couple of years ago when he was not ready to commit to a relationship. It is fun to see Yiannis and Cat butt heads as they fight their attraction and feelings for each other and baby Harry is just adorable.This book has a strong sense of family and connection, the characters are down to earth and the writing is full of humor, wit and sexual tension. If you are familiar with Anne McAllister’s books by now you are pretty familiar with the Savas family, the extended family is quite large and I have honestly lost count on who is whose cousin, sister or brother but suffice to say if you haven’t read any of Anne’s books you are sure missing out on a good thing.