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More Than He Expected (Harlequin Desire Series #2172)

More Than He Expected - Andrea Laurence My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews'More Than He Expected' is an endearing love story! This book picks up at Will and Adrienne’s wedding reception, right about where “What lies beneath’ by Andrea Laurence left off. Though this is a stand-alone book I will recommend reading WLB to better understand the secondary characters that are an essential part of this book.Alex and Gwen met at Will and Adrienne’s wedding and embarked on a two week long mutually satisfying fling before they parted and went their separate ways. Now 8 months later they are both invited to spend the July 4th holiday at their friends retreat in the Hamptons; Alex hasn’t been able to forget about Gwen and is excited to pursue fling 2.0 so imagine his surprise when he finds Gwen is 5 months pregnant.Alex and Gwen’s characters are beautifully written, Alex is not interested in marriage and relationship, never has been but he can’t seem to stay away from Gwen constantly worrying and caring about her health and safety. You can sense Alex’s totally frazzled and confused feelings and emotions where Gwen is concerned. You will fall in love with Alex’s character. Not only does Alex surprise Gwen with a day at the spa but he actually hangs around at the Spa while she gets pampered, in my books that makes him a definite keeper.‘More Than He expected’ is a beautifully written love story, without too much angst and melodrama between the main characters. This book exceeded my expectations and is definitely worth a read.