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What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath - Andrea Laurence My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsWhat lies beneath is a fast paced emotionally satisfying read. This book had a unique spin on the “Amnesia trope” with the added dimension of “mistaken identity”.Heroine wakes up in the hospital with no memory following a deadly plane crash and a series of facial reconstructive surgery to be greeted by her family and aloof fiancé Will all of whom are strangers to her.Will takes Cynthia home to recuperate, where she discovers that Will had actually broken off the engagement before her trip and that he is no longer in love with her and hasn’t been for a while however Will decides to support her during her on going recovery. Cynthia is no longer the cold hard hearted bitch she used to be, she is warm and loving; Will realizes he actually likes spending time with this new Cynthia but is also afraid that her memory will return and she will revert back to being her old hurtful selfish self. He has been hurt before and wants to stir clear from all the resulting heartache.There’s more heartache and drama that follows and tares Will and Cynthia apart and threatens their HEA. All of which you will need to read the book to find out more about :)What I liked about this story is that when Will and Cynthia decide to give their relationship another chance they don't fall into bed right away, they decide to start over, date and get to know each other all over again taking it a day at a time; As the story progresses you can see Will work through his feelings for Cynthia and start to fall in love again. What Lies Beneath is an emotional read, with great characters and an engaging storyline. This was Andrea Laurence’s first book and I have to say it was pretty impressive.