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What a Texas Girl Wants

What a Texas Girl Wants - Kristina Knight My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsWhat Happens in Mexico, doesn’t always stay in Mexico sometimes it follows you back to Texas and turns your life over.Kathleen Witte decides to take a long over due vacation to Mexico to unwind and relax, next thing she is waking up buck naked on a beach after a night of debauchery married to her college crush Jackson Taylor. 'What's a Texas Girl to do'? Well.. hold on to him and take him home to meet the family...Jackson has always been a loner, he doesn’t do family or relationships, for Kathleen it’s all about family, she has been the glue holding her family together; their journey to HEA is anything but easy. I liked how Jackson and Kathleen characters developed within the book, their struggles and insecurities felt real and the Witte family drama was woven in nicely through the book‘What a Texas Girl Wants’ was a fun read. Kristina Knight did a fabulous job with this story, it had the right amount of Sexy & emotional to keep me engaged to the end.