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A Man of Privilege (Harlequin Desire)

A Man of Privilege - Sarah M. Anderson My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsTwo words! Read it! James, a blue blooded lawyer has had his life all mapped out for as long as he can remember; His plan: Win this Case; get married to a woman hand-picked by his mother and run for President.James is currently working on the case of his life and meets Maggie when she summoned to his office as a potential witness on the case. I did a double take when Maggie a native American heroine is introduced in this book; Maggie had a hard life and a hell of a rap sheet, an ex-drug addict and a prostitute. I had to flip the cover to make sure I was reading a Harlequin series….to say I was a little bit surprised is putting it mildly. I was definitely intrigued by the characters and the storyline and interested to read how James and Maggie would get to their HEA.I loved the flow of this story; the book has a fresh voice and is beautifully written. The conflicts the characters face are real and the romance heartwarming. I am so impressed with the author Sarah M Anderson for pushing the boundaries with this book and for taking the road less travelled. Safe to say - Sarah 1st book 'A Man of His Word' is now added to my TBR list ‘A Man of Privilege’ is an excellent contemporary romance, with multidimensional characters, sexual tension and a bit of mystery to wrap things up nicely.