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Hajar's Hidden Legacy

Hajar's Hidden Legacy - Maisey Yates My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsBeauty and the Beast with a Maisey Yates Spin, and boy is she ever good at spinning us a wonderfully engaging romance. Sheikh Zahir once a playboy is now a shell of his former self having dodged death following a bomb blast that killed his family and left him badly disfigured. He suffers for PTSD and relates to himself as being a beast of Hajar. Enter Princess Katherine a strong woman bound by duty and protocol; she approaches Zahir with an offer of an arranged marriage to protect her brother's right to succession.Tormented Zahir and resolute Katherine are perfect for each other, what starts out as a political match up turns in to so much more for both of them. Katherine challenges Zahir at every turn; she helps him face his demons and believe in himself again.Hajar’s Hidden Legacy had all the hallmarks of Maisey Yates writing that we have come to love and expect - great characters, vivid storytelling and a deeply emotional and compelling romance. With a scarred Hero and loyal heroine this story reminds us to “Look not with the eyes but with the heart”. A recommended read.