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Undone by Her Tender Touch (Pregnancy & Passion, #4)

Undone by Her Tender Touch (Pregnancy & Passion, #4) - Maya Banks My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews“Undone by her Tender Touch” is an emotionally packed power house! A passionate love story between tortured and emotionally closed off Cam and the ever resilient Pippa. We learn that Cam lost his wife and child in an accident and reeling from his painful past he does not want to have any more children or emotional ties to anyone, so when he finds out Pippa’s is pregnant as a result of their one night stand he is torn between doing the right thing and not letting go of the past. I loved Pippa’s character, she was a strong willed woman who was not willing to settle for any less that she truly deserved; she was resilient in the face of adversity and ready to fight for what she wanted and a future for his unborn child. This book put me through the emotional ringer, at times I wanted to hit Cam over the head and tell him to move on but he worked his way through the book and redeemed himself at the end. This trope has been done many times before but what sets “Undone by her Tender Touch Apart” is that it is exceptionally well written, I got this book through net galley not realizing that this book is #4 in the Pregnancy and passion series, so it’s safe to say that this book can be read as a stand-alone; however I was so impressed by Maya’s writing that I look forward to reading Ashley and Devon’s story and the rest of this series.