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A Deal at the Altar (Harlequin Presents)

A Deal at the Altar - Lynne Graham My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsThis is the second book in the trilogy of three sisters; the first book was Roccanti's Marriage Revenge.I’m a huge fan of Lynne Graham and that probably is the only reason why I even considered buying this book, had any other author written it I would have probably given this story a miss This book could have been a great lynne Graham novel, but it fell short. The book failed to engage me; I didn’t see a real connection between Sergios and Beatriz, Lust yes…Love noIf you don’t like arrogant overbearing hero’s who dish out lines such as ‘I have a mistress. Melita is not negotiable,” & "Melita was part of my routine" Yikes! You are not going to like this book.However I have to say that this book was a marginally better read than Roccanti's Marriage Revenge.