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Waking Up With Dr. Off-Limits

Waking Up With Dr. Off-Limits - Amy Andrews My Blog: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsGreat Read! Waking Up With Dr. Off-Limits is the 4th book in the Single, Free & Fabulous in Sydney series. I have enjoyed reading this series and this book was a great wrap to the series.Waking Up With Dr. Off-Limits is a story of two people finally finding each other. I liked the characters in this book very much. Jess “homey girl next door” personality was a good contrast to Adam’s Hotshot Jet setting Surgeon’s. Jess had spunk, she was not afraid to stand up for or go after what she really wanted in life, I liked that Jess & Adam both had dreams and goals and in the end were willing to compromise and work together to achieve them. Love conquers All!It's their last summer of being single!Jess's DiaryAt least catching my housemate, Dr. Adam Carmichael—bachelor and my secret crush extraordinaire—in my bed(!) means he finally knows my name! For years, Adam's been one hundred percent off-limits (if ever a man needed a revolving door on his bedroom…) but there's no harm in dreaming of more…is there? Series: Single, Free & Fabulous in Sydney1.Survival Guide to Dating Your Boss by Fiona Mcarthur2.Cort Mason - Dr. Delectable by Carol Marinelli3.Breaking Her No-Dates Rule by Emily Forbes4. Waking Up With Dr. Off-Limits by Amy Andrews