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Worth The Risk

Worth The Risk - Robin Bielman Worth the risk was a interesting and fresh take on what happens when we have to decide between letting go of the man we love or go flat out after the career we so desperately want. It was a quick, fun and easy read.Dean and Samantha were each in their own right brilliant and entertaining characters but together they were pure romance and fun! I loved how the author let the the wheels turn and instead of Dean being the one to leave the relationship as in the past this time around it was Sam that had to make the hard decisions. I was expecting as most short stories are a they meet again, get back together and she makes a few picks here and there and voila the end. But instead I discovered a story all though short had just enough emotion and depth to pack the same punch as a full lentght novel would.As I said the book was short read but it made quite the delightful lasting impression on me. Well done Robin on a wonderful debut!