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Her Fake Romance

Her Fake Romance - Donna Fasano Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsThis book was gorgeous! A very delicious plot if I may say so with BONUS recipes ! Imagine having your daughter tell you that you need to get a life so you go the extra step and get yourself a fake date. Ryan and Julia both needed fake dates but boy oh boy does it get just a little more than hot when they share a connection so passionate that neither one can resist, nor do they really want to give in to it after all this is supposed to be fake right? The author's style was pure delight, fun and funky. Modern and very entertaining. I never would have thought that a fake romance could be so funny and emotional at the same time. The book had enough depth to entrance me and enough of that certain little something we call "go for it". This was a rather short read yet long enough to be the perfect little pick my up after a long day at work.