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Wife for Hire

Wife for Hire - Christine  Bell Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsWife for Hire is an entertainingly funny read from start to finish.Lindy and Owen hook up when Lindy answers an advert posted on Craigslist. Owen is on a mission to expose and seek revenge on the man who stole his sister’s money and dignity and for that purpose he needs a pretend wife for three weeks to accompany him to a couples retreat. After a few failed business ventures Lindy could certainly use the money….and so starts the song and dance…..of a budding romance fraught with sexual tension. I loved Lindy’s quirky, sappy character and our Irish lad Owen will certainly make your toes curl, the chemistry between these two sizzles of the pages and their banter will have you smirking to the end.Wife for Hire is my first book by Christine Bell and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the writing and narrative in this book; definitely an author I look forward to reading again. A quote from the book: After two weeks of interviewing, he’d met nothing but nutters, sleazeballs, and people who were in the country illegally. It was like some twisted version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, except his rendition would be more like “Six hookers hooking, five homeless drunks! Four illegal immigrants, three ex-cons, two exotic dancers, and a bleeding-heart flake with seven puppies.”“I do have some acting experience, though. Right now, I’m between businesses, so I got a job waitressing at Medieval Days. I spend my shift pretending the mutton’s delicious.”He did a mental rundown of the other applicants and grimaced. Who was he kidding? With ten days left, she was his only choice.“Miss Knight, I need a wife and I’d like to hire you. How would you like to be my wife for three weeks?”