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The Cowboy Comes Home (Harlequin Romance Series #4322)

The Cowboy Comes Home - Patricia Thayer Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsI really, really loved this fabulous book! A story about Johnny who simply put is a good looking smooth talking cowboy that will never put down roots. And the man is incredible with horses (really adored that part). He takes jobs when he needs them and goes from town to town,training horses everywhere.This profession takes brings him to fun,sweet,loving single mom Jess. She has been burned by love before and the Stetson wearing father of her child has long been gone never to return.When the two meet is where the book really took off for me. The attraction and emotions between J and J (as I like to call them) was beautifully written.The author incorporated facts about horses into the book that I never knew about and made the read all the more interesting. The manner in which the author protrayed just how powerful the love of a good woman can be and that it can make you "come home" was gorgeous! And the landscape BEAUTIFUL!I recommend this one for every reader of romance and even if you don't like books about cowboys and horses and the Stetsons, after reading this one trust me you will be coming back for more.