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Beau: Cowboy Protector (Harlequin American Romance Series #1425)

Beau: Cowboy Protector - Marin Thomas Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsThis was book 5 to a truly stunning series. This time around we got to see what lies behind the strange attitude of Beau the twin of Duke who we met earlier. And we also get to learn more about the medical condition that Sierra suffers from.The book was a truly touching one. The author took me on a real bawling my eyes out roller coaster. I mean how sad that Sierra finally finds the man of her dreams but will he still want her when he finds out about her "secret". Just as the title suggests Beau protects his own and he is also quite handy with his hands. He has set his sight on a championship and much like the rest of the characters we have met in the series he has one thing on his mind and one thing only except staying focused is dang hard when Sierra keeps creeping into his thoughts. I loved how the author perfectly picked up where book four left off and also gave me more information on the mysterious Tuf (Tomas). The author brought Sierra and Beau together in one of the most heartfelt manners I have read in a long time.Well done Marin.Favorite Quote : I don't need to look into your eyes to know how much you love me.