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No More Wasted Time

No More Wasted Time - Beverly Preston Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews“No More Wasted Time” was a sweet book. I like that the hero and heroine are a little older, she has children. I like that she is ready to move on in her life after the death of her husband and unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams.They are both taken by one another and are equally surprised by it. I enjoyed how modest the heroine is and how she discovered the beautiful sensual woman that was just waiting to come out.I did feel the book was slow at times. I was waiting for a really big conflict to happen, but it never really did. There were of course conflicts, but they seemed relatively minor and everything was easily fixed, and happy – which is a good thing, except in a book. Haha. It’s a cute, fun read that makes you want to travel!Here is an excerpt from the book:“Tess woke up early the following day wanting to run. She quietly slipped on shorts and a tank top, trying not to wake Tom, but he lay in bed watching her.“You’re not taking off on me, are you?” he taunted.“Yes, I am, the last couple of days have been torture.”“It’s been terrible for me, too. Maybe you should come back to bed so I can torture you some more.”“I thought about going running, but you make a very good distraction.” She gazed at his naked body, deciding if she should stay or go.