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A Father's Secret (Harlequin Desire Series #2187)

A Father's Secret - Yvonne Lindsay Reviewed by: HarlequinJunkie A Father’s story is a well written emotional minefield…fast paced and gripping to the end. Erin and her husband won the IVF lottery, thus enabling them to have baby Riley. Recently widowed Erin is barely managing to put her life back together when she gets a notice advising her that there was a mix-up at the fertility clinic and that Baby Riley might not be her husband’s James son. When Sam Thornton arrives at Erin’s bed-and-breakfast the attraction to each other is instantaneous and mutual, though they both try to ignore it given their circumstances. Both are recently widowed; add to that fact that Sam is visiting under false pretense while keeping a secret from Erin the fact that he is Party A and Riley’s father.Sam has his own cross to bear, he was driving the car that crashed and killed his wife, so when he learns that he might have fathered a baby hope flares eternally and he is ready to fight for his rights, what he doesn't count on is falling for Erin, the baby's mother.Sam’s and Erin relationship built on lies and mistrust is complicated enough without the numerous twist and turns to this story that throw their romance into a tailspin and has the reader wringing their hands, pulling their hair and getting emotionally vested in Erin. Yvonne Lindsay you are a mean one, I couldn’t believe everything you put Erin through, OMG but this book is surely better off for it.If you are looking for a book full of angst and drama that will put you through the emotional wringer and keep you at the edge of your seat, then look no further than A Father’s Secret.