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Whatever the Price (Harlequin Desire Series #2181)

Whatever the Price (Harlequin Desire Series #2181) - Jules Bennett Reviewd at Harlequinjunkie.com Whatever the Price is a heart wrenchingly beautiful and passionate re-union story.Anthony Price is a big time Hollywood director who is so focused on his work and being the best that he literally took his wife Charlotte for granted which lead to the breakup of their marriage. When Anthony’s niece is orphaned and he is named guardian he request Charlotte’s help to get full legal custody of Lily. Anthony looks on this opportunity as a second chance; he knows he has made some terrible mistakes where charlotte is concerned and he has every intention of putting his marriage first, learning from his past mistakes and doing whatever it takes to have Charlotte back in his life.Charlotte and Anthony were really well written characters, It was refreshing to have a hero who says “I Love You’ before the end of the book and do so repeatedly. I liked the push-n-pull between the H/h, the author took the reader on a truly heartfelt and romantic journey.I love a good re-union story and this book delivered on every one of my requirements. I would definitely recommend this book.