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Playing at Love: A Perfect Kisses Novel (Entangled Bliss)

Playing at Love: A Perfect Kisses Novel (Entangled Bliss) - Ophelia London Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comFirst I have to say that I love the title. It’s a wonderful play of words considering the professions of the main characters. Tess and Jack met when they were 16 years old. He was her first love and the first one to break her heart. Now 15 years later, they meet again during the first day of class during the faculty meeting. She is the show choir teacher and he is the new football coach. Unfortunately this will not be a good start to their reunion. She cannot forgive him for what he did 15 years before and now they also have to compete against each other to keep their jobs. They each have something that’s holding them back from a relationship. But can they get past the current competition to keep their jobs and the past mistakes in order to build something new and get their HEA or will their love for their job and their responsibilities to others keep them away from each other? I liked that Jack and Tess had everyday problems and things to deal with. As well as the fact that they have lessons to learn in order to be able to have a relationship and their HEA. The story line was fun and interesting. Recommended Read.