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The Saint's Devilish Deal (Crimson Romance)

The Saint's Devilish Deal (Crimson Romance) - Kristina Knight Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comThe Saint's Devilish Deal is a passionate re-union story; The characters sizzle at every meeting and their hot, biting dialogue leaves you wanting to read more. Esme and Santiago had crashed and burned before. Brought together again, the spark ignites into flames with only a touch. But there was more at stake than a lover's heart this time. Determined to save her aunts villa, Esme has to choose...find a way to get Santiago to leave even though her body craves his touch, or give in and become business partners with benefits for the next 6 months. This book will keep you up late as you follow Esme and Santiago's push and pull relationship that spirals out of control and refuses to stick with the plan. The Saint's Devilish Deal is definitely a recommended read. Quote from the book:"Oh yeah, she wasn’t nearly as immune to him as she pretended to be. Maldito, neitherwas he to her. Seducing Esme, which seemed like the perfect solution to their problemsfive minutes ago, wouldn’t be nearly as simple as he’d envisioned. They were both likely togo down in flames, and where would that leave Constance’s villa?"