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Construction Beauty Queen: A Small Town, Big Dreams Novel (Entangled Bliss)

Construction Beauty Queen: A Small Town, Big Dreams Novel (Entangled Bliss) - Sara Daniel Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comConstruction Beauty Queen is an uplifting emotional read.After the death of his brother and sister-in-law Matt is now in charge of his niece and his brother’s construction business. All he wants is to help the town that helped him after the death of his family and to look after his niece.Veronica is a Chicago socialite determined to make a life of her own. Her parents have always ruled her life and are now trying to force a marriage on her to help her father with a merger. But she doesn’t want to marry Trevor, she wants to make use of her MBA. After asking her grandfather for advise, Veronica moves to Kortville where her grandfather lives to work as a construction worker for a month and prove herself so she can then run his distribution warehouse. Things are not always as they seem. People in town don’t appreciate her being there, and Matt the owner of the construction company is not happy to have her work for him either. Now she has to win over a whole town and prove herself not only to her grandfather but also to Matt, who will do just about anything to get rid of her in the beginning.I found this to be an emotional story where Veronica is trying to fulfill her dreams against everyone’s will; if you’re like me and get so into the character’s feelings you might want to have a tissue or two handy. Construction Beauty Queen is definitely worth the read.