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Sister Pact

Sister Pact - Ali Ahearn,  Ros Baxter Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.comSister Pact is a heartwarming story about two estranged sisters journey back to each other. Frances and Joni have been estranged for the past 7 years following a certain incident. When their grandmother’s will and inheritance forces them to compete as a team in a survivor style game show Endurance Island they are suddenly thrown together and forced to spend time together; but letting their guards down around each other is harder than survival. Sister Pact is a great Chicklit, with great characters and a well-paced storyline…. I quite enjoyed all the secondary characters as well.This book was deeply moving and resonated with me big time, my sis is my BFF and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. I’m sure a lot of you will relate with this book as well.If you are looking for an uplifting read with laugh out moments, action, adventure and high drama that will take you along on an emotional roller-coaster look no further than Sister Pact. Highly recommended!