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Contract for Marriage

Contract for Marriage - Barbara DeLeo Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comA second chance at love is not always easy. This is the case for Ruby and Christo. After being away for a decade Ruby returns to New Zealand after the death of her mother and finds out that she left half of the estate to Christo, the boy that betrayed her when she was 18. What she doesn’t know is why her mother did that and how she can get her house back.After being discovered making love by Ruby’s father Christo is banished from the house where he grew up with his mother, the housekeeper of the estate. Now that Ruby’s mother has left half the estate to him he will do anything to get the house for his mother.Ruby and Christo believe that a marriage of convenience will give each what they want, the estate, a family and security for Ruby and her child. But if they want their marriage to work they will both have to learn to forgive and trust each other. As well as learn and accept the truth of what really happened in the past.If Ruby and Christo don’t learn to be open about their feelings they will not be able to have what they most desire, their HEA with each other.Contract for Marriage has lots of lessons on forgiveness and opening up...an emotionally satisfying read.