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Newborn Baby For Christmas

Newborn Baby For Christmas - Fiona Lowe Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.com4.5 StarsNewborn Baby For Christmas is a truly heartfelt and beautifully written friend’s to lover’s story with a good measure of a big family christmas thrown in.When Georgie approaches Hamish and ask for his sperm to say he is shocked is putting it mildly. Hamish being a loyal friend decides to help as long as Georgie understands that he doesn’t want to be a father or anyway involved with the baby. When Hamish gets back from a yearlong medical aid trip and runs into Georgie taking refuge at his home, he is both overjoyed and shocked to see her…and the changes pregnancy has brought about. When they are both forced to spend Christmas with his family, the situation couldn’t get any worse for Hamish. I really enjoyed reading the complexities of Georgie and Hamish’s relationship; they have been each other’s support system for over seventeen years, the best of friends, loyal to each other. That very loyalty that nudged Hamish to help his friend Georgie realize her dreams of being a mother and having a baby now threatens to rock their friendship and their world as they know it. When I started reading this book Hamish almost came across shallow and immature but as the story progresses we see his character develop and we learn of a terrible loss in his childhood that had left a mark on him and mirrored his outlook on life. The romance between Hamish and Georgie is sweet and tender, the telling moment for me was Hamish recording the babies heartbeat on his phone all the while professing he wanted nothing to do with a baby. Newborn Baby For Christmas is a passionate story about two life long friends and their journey to finding love and each other. A great Christmas romance!