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Operation Cinderella: A Suddenly Cinderella Series Book (Entangled Indulgence)

Operation Cinderella  - Hope Tarr Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comA fairy tale romance with a modern view and human twists.Macie Graham is always after the best story. But her last article was smeared by famous radio personality Ross Mannon. Now seeking revenge she will go under what she calls Operation Cinderella and dig up dirt on him.Ross is a very conservative person with very high standards and opinion about how people should think and live. The article he found by Macie on On Top magazine was about an issue that he does not agree with at all.After Macie meets Ross while applying for the job as his housekeeper and helper with his teenage daughter, he thinks he has met the perfect woman. But little does he know that she stands for everything that he despises and that she is after his ruin, since he nearly made her lose her job after his Ross's Rant show where the magazine lost a major sponsor. Now as they both think they have the discovered the perfect person they could fall in love with they must face the past and their own mistakes if they want to have a HEA.I really liked this book because like any fairy tale it has a moral. To me it was like the saying, don't judge a book by its cover. While it may seem that both Macie and Ross are a certain way that may seem like they don't care about others, there is a reason for the way they think and act. And if you look a little deeper you may understand them better.The epilogue is a total cliffhanger for future books about other characters in this story, which now I can't wait for them to be released so I can read them. Sounds like more fun ahead. ☺