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Nights in White Satin: A Loveswept Classic Romance

Nights in White Satin - Linda Cajio Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comNights in White Satin was a page turner for start to finish.Jill has gone to England to try to retrieve a family heirloom, an emerald necklace that has been passed throughout generations for 300 years. She was next in line to receive and care for the necklace, but her mother has been conned by a man who told her the necklace was stolen from his family and sold it to him for nothing. Now she has to retrieve the necklace if she wants to make sure the heirloom is not lost and that her parents marriage doesn’t dissolve because of her mother’s carelessness. With the help of Lady Lettice Kitteridge she is now in England trying to locate the thief. Lady Lettice said that her son could help Jill, only her son has gone to Moscow for a month. Rick, Lettice’s grandson, is surprised by his grandmother’s unexpected visit to his manor and even more by the vision of her guest Jill.Jill and Rick’s attraction is very obvious and instant but deceptions are not easily forgiven. It will take a lot of cooperation from Jill and Rick if they want to steal the necklace back from the con artist. And even more if they want their relationship to flourish. But Jill will have to consider what’s more important to her, loosing the necklace or the love of her life.Nights in White Satin is a fun read that will keep you turning the pages to find out if Jill and Rick will be able to find the way to true happiness or if they will loose everything to a con artist instead.