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The Bull Rider's Brother

The Bull Rider's Brother - Lynn Cahoon 4.5 Star ReviewReviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comThe Bull Rider's Brother is a sweet, sensual and emotionally deep romance.Rodeo weekend has arrived at Shawnee, Idaho. Lizzie is happy to see her best friend and have a girl’s weekend, but she can’t help but compare her single-mom life to her best friend’s successful career. She can’t help but wonder what could have been, but she would not change her life for anything. But now she knows better than to trust a cowboy.After almost six years away James returns to Shawnee, Idaho with his bull-riding brother for rodeo weekend. But there are many surprises awaiting him that weekend. Including the girl now woman that he left behind to follow his brother. Can he win over her heart again before she accepts another man’s marriage proposal?Lizzie kept her son a secret from James. He left her without a note, a call or not looking back. Now they will have to find a way to keep from breaking little JR’s heart during their battles. There is a lot of chemistry between Lizzie and James, but there are also a lot of things to forgive for each of them. This story has a lot of depth and is very interesting in how their own past decisions or even someone else’s can affect the way that person will act or react in certain circumstances. I had fun reading this story, the chemistry and depth both emotional and psychological was fun to discover as I read along, and the humor in some scenes was a nice touch away from the drama. If you like sweet, sensual and a little humor in your romance this story is for you.