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Second Chance Grill

Second Chance Grill - Christine Nolfi Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comSecond Chance Grill is a very romantic and emotional story about second chances.Mary Chance has taken a yearlong sabbatical form medicine after the death of her best friend. After she informed her aunt Meg about her decision her aunt decides to give her the restaurant she was to inherit in Liberty, Ohio.Blossom Perini is a precocious teen, but there is a painful reason for the way she is. And now she has set her sight on pairing Mary with her father Anthony Perini.Mary can’t help but fall for Blossom or her father, but will she be able to leave them at the end of the year or will she stay with them.This is a very sweet romance with a very emotional story. It shows great insight into the nobility and giving nature of others when it’s really needed. The story is sweet and funny in the beginning with Blossom’s antics and everything she does to bring Mary and her father together. But towards the end you’ll need a few tissues handy because you may feel like your heart is breaking in some scenes as they face the toughest challenge their love can face.If you like a story that feels real (like it could happen to anyone) and that shows great human redeeming qualities, this story is for you.