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Silver Bella

Silver Bella - Lucy Monroe Rating: 4.5 StarsReviewed at: HarlequinJunkie.comSilver Bella is a sweet whirlwind romance that will keep turning the pages until the end.Bella Jackson is the cover model for Lexi’s couture designs. Because of her modeling and the sensuality of the clothing, her boss has always encouraged a bad-girl reputation to surround Bella. But after her ex reveals a story calling her frigid and an Ice Queen, Bella has to think if she really likes the bad-girl persona the media had given her.Jake Barton is a Texas oilman and rancher who finds himself persuaded to attend a fashion trunk show by his writer sister while she does research for next book. But now that he’s there he couldn’t be happier to be there. Bella holds his attention from the first moment they see each other. As he sees more in her than her façade, he sees the vulnerable and innocent behind, he also wants more from her than a quick roll in the hay.As Jake convinces Bella to spend some time together with him at his ranch, they will have to decide if what they have is forever or just a quick fling. But with Christmas fast approaching and tabloids after Bella for a new scandal, they may have to decide faster than they thought.If you are looking for a quick read and like a sweet whirlwind romance with characters that will not leave you feeling like you missed something, then this story is for you.