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Ashes and Wine

Ashes and Wine - Taryn Elliott Reviewd by: HarlequinJunkie Romance Reviews“There were chills up my spine and some thrills I can't define" one-way to sum up Ashes and Wine by Taryn Elliot.The chemistry between guitar strumming wine maker Royal and bookstore owner Tessa is smoldering hot, what starts out as a one night stand between these two leads to something beautiful and poignant; a story that will truly touch your heart.You know you have a winner on your hands when a book can take you through a range of emotions and Ashes and Wine certainly did that for me. I laughed so hard reading about Tessa and Mercy’s drunken aha moment over a bottle of tequila I cried and I felt so deep about the sorrow and loss facing Royal and his family I couldn’t help but get all emotionally chocked up.The writing is flawless, it captivated me from the very beginning; I devoured this book in less than 2 hours, I can’t wait to the read the next installment by Taryn Elliott –Mercy and Alaric story, hopefully we will get to catch up with Royal and Tessa again as well. ‘Ashes and Wine’ has it all in spades, love, laughter, family, holy smokin’ passion and deep emotions. You definitely want to be all over this one, highly recommended