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The SEAL's Valentine (Harlequin American Romance Series #1435)

The SEAL's Valentine - Laura Marie Altom Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.comRating: 3.5 StarsNeither widowed, pregnant Brynn Langtoine, mom to a young son Cayden, nor divorced Navy SEAL Tristan Bartoni is in the market for a new relationship, but when they meet in the small southern town of Ruin Bayou, the sparks fly. "Stick with SEALs and your every problem will vanish," Tristan kids Brynn at one point, and in some ways that pretty much sums things up as the story unfolds: he helps her find her little boy when he gets lost, coaches Cayden in baseball, and generally becomes increasingly involved with Brynn and her growing family as weeks go by. But Tristan has a failed marriage behind him, a young son of his own whom his ex-wife has removed to California, and a career as a Navy SEAL, always on the go and in danger. Under the circumstances, what kind of a husband and father could he possibly make? Read More